Saturday, December 15, 2007

Boring Ramblings. Indeed.

I'm bored. Very bored. Extremely bored. So bored I started blogging again rewatched series after series of anime I've already watched for the thousandth time. So bored I'm now reduced to watching Totally Spies and Mr Bean the animated version on Disney channel. Good Grievance. I rewatched Blood+, rewatched Hikaru no Go (Ah, that made me cry again), rewatched mushishi and realised I'm really leading a boring life. Oh, what news.

Well, at least the only thing I'm looking forward to with the exception of the anime Winter Season is that my mum got us a ticket each to Hong Kong for two weeks! We're leaving on the 18th and spending Christmas (Did I ever mention Christmas is the anniversary date for my debut in the blogging world? I can't believe I've been blogging for a year.) in HK. Sounds good for the time being. Being two whole weeks away from my home sweet home isn't exactly without its drawbacks as well. Being in Hong Kong 2 weeks is missing 2 whole weeks of anime. Just great. Why must everything has its ups and down? Oh and did I ever mention I my paternal's side family is all living in Hong Kong. The last time I met them was like when I'm 2 or 3. So, I guess things could get pretty awkward for a while. But nevermind that. I still plan to have a helluva time enjoying myself there. Wish me fun.

Oh and people, I'd probably be not returning to Singapore due to the lack of time. So yah, maybe I'll see you guys during the New Year. Probably.

I was just reading through a post of my friend where she was criticising sharing her comments on my driving skills one day when I offered to fetch her back to college to wait for her mum in my ride.

According to her, she wouldn't sit in my car ever again until I've had at least 5 years of driving experience. Here's how it started.


So, my friend, Chen Yee , who has recently gotten her driving license a few months ago, has always been saying something about she isn't a bad driver as we think she is, and we might just go give her a chance by sitting in her car.

So I, kind-hearted old me, became the first fellow college-goer to sit in her car to go to the Pizza Hut place, and then back to college. Poor fool kind heart of mine.

It isn't the going to Pizza Hut place that's hard. It's the going back to college that took almost an hour to reach, even though going to Pizza Hut took about 10 to 15 minutes.


Okay, before I got into her car after the LOOKING AND SMELLING BUT NOT TASTING AND EATING DEBACLE of PIZZA HUT, we tried to rescue this kitten who got stuck down the drain. I didn't even realize it was there, but Chen Yee heard it mewing and went back to rescue it, trying to move the metal coverings without even moving the flower pot that was right on the metal steels. It was one of those BIG GIGANTIC flower pots too.
I tried to move it away, and the cat kept staring pitifully at us, but WE JUST COULD NOT MOVE IT. And people kept staring at us like we were trying to steal the pot. Please lo. Want to steal steal nicer one, not those that are put by pavement sides to, I don't know, add more oxygen?

Then we walked into the store that the drain was right in front of, because Chen Yee was convinced they would help, and the old guys said the kitten was rescued many times but still would squirrel it's way back into the drain. It'll be fine, they assured us, and even swore that they weren't lying.

Then we got back out and saw people trying to help the kitten out too.

Awwww. My faith in human kindness for animals is slightly restored, what with all the tales of people catching and eating stray dogs. Yuck.

Anyway, on to the storm.

I, for one, am not afraid to admit, that I am GEOGRAPHICALLY challenged. I am exactly one of those females who can't read maps, except for Disneyland attraction maps.

And Chen Yee, well, let's just say her driving skills and tales of her fearsome driving skill of not putting the car on brake while she was getting out of the car and the car rolling back, plus the fact she does not know the roads of Malaysia, is already reason enough that the both of us are not safe enough to be driver and passenger on the roads, especially maniac roads.

Our guides to Pizza Hut had decided to eat and left the fates of two, poor, defenseless girls driving around the roads of Malaysia, looking for my college because my mother was going to pick me up from there.

From Pizza Hut, we turned left. And kept on going.

For some reason, we ended up wheezing past Eastin, the Star, Mont Kiara, all the way to Jalan Parliament in KUALA FREAKING LUMPUR, before turning around back to our civilization.

That took one hour.

Oh, and not to mention the fact that

A) When Chen Yee reached over to get my Touch and Go card at the toll, her mother called at the same time - and the T& C card fluttered down. A line was beginning to build up behind us at the toll.

B) My hand was grasping urgently for the card, got it, and when Chen Yee tried to put it out the window, she was too far away from the swiping thing, so she had to open the door to get it.

C) When she was done with the swiping card thing, she tried to get ahead, and she kept clutching the clutch, but THE CAR JUST WOULDN'T BUDGE (OH IT RHYMED!)

Frankly, when the car got moving I was ready to start singing Hallelujah and Praising God. Thank God nobody tooted their horn at us for the flustered 30 seconds of stalled car at toll.

Plus the fact my driver was panicking badly about driving ourselves all the way to Timbuktu. The car verve around as she was panicking.

*Starts reaching for my rosary beads and praying*
And as we called our guide to tell him we were lost, all my driver was doing was screaming at him about how lost we were.

*Already praying with my imaginary rosary beads*
*Ah, Mother Theresa, give me some of your strength in being noble, and kind, and loving.*

Then ze driver was also blaming the road for the bump she didn't see, plus etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Then she sent me a msg way way later that night, as I was tucking into my food, something about scratching the underside of her car with the bump.


1. Her lights weren't on. AT NIGHT. She had no idea how to turn them on, instead the windshield and viper went on.

2. We got lost. Several times. Again.

All I could say, was, stoically, throughout the whole journey, was
"Think of this as an adventure."

to her, even as she backed into the wrong road and had to reverse to get out.

I now know that I can be remarkably calm in the face of adversary and stress. Good to know, I guess.

I was a mite terrified to take out the camera and start snapping pictures of words like Jln. Parlimen, or Mont Kiara, or the road to KLIA, for instance, because we were driving to Timbuktu, after all.

I'm not lying, though. I wish I was.

Then I arrived in dark, gloomy college at around 8 pm ++. It was dark, it was dreary, and I kept thinking of Mr Naasir's ghost stories about KDU.

See. Thanks a lot, Mr Naasir.

Note to self - do not sit in Chen Yee's car again until

a) own self have had driving license to own's name
b) we both KNOW where we're going
c) She has owned her own driving license for at least five years.
d) She has known the FUNCTIONS of her own car, including why the car had STALLED and WHERE TO SWITCH ON THE LIGHTS.

P.S. I am NOT, in any way, exaggerating my note to self part. And don't the driver deny it, too.

YOu know what? I'm glad I had such a great friend who's not afraid of pointing out so relentlessly whatever flaws I had. That's one true friend indeed. Thanks, Chell.

As a side note, I'll be sure to take lots of pictures in HK to share with you guys. So till then.


Zeepish said...

I'm in HK now. It's like open air air-conditioned and around 19 degree celcius here. It gets pretty cold in the night too. And still no comments.

Kohai, mt said...

Omg...sempai... it's nice eu tried saving the kitty! I probably would do it too... i like cats! ur friend was real into telling wads wrong... don't worry.. if i have a chance i don't mind sitting in ur car! cos it sounds adventurous!

monarekha =) said...

soh, i'm finally here to comment =D ur friend sounds like what i would have said... maybe i'll need to wait for 5 more years before i can have a safe ride from you... LOL... =D & dont freeze to death in hk okay...? haha... jk... (:

monarekha =) said...

oh, & i'll have to wait for 1 year to see u again... haha... see you next year in sg...

Zeepish said...

Haha. Then brace yourself.

Another 5 more years? See what I mean? I have so many nice friends around me. Lucky me.

Chellcee said...

I feel that where my life is concerned, I should be totally and brutally honest and constantly remind myself what is dangerous for my life as so to avoid them.


Have fun in Hong Kong! Bring back souvenirs. I like Hong Kong porridge. Yum. Random, I know.

See you in January.

Catherine Fong said...

Chen Yee, you need to admit you are a bad driver. Have fun in HK and see you in January. Take care =)

Chellcee said...

By the way, I'm reduced to watching Sailor Moon on crunchyroll, as I wait for my Saiunkoku Monogatari 2 fix to come rolling by. So nolstagic. Hehe.

Zeepish said...

Yeah. Says someone who isn't ready for an adventure.

Ah. Sailormoon. I remember Sailormoon. That's a nostalgic title I haven't heard in... like since forever.