Friday, June 27, 2008

An unacessible website, a punctured tire and a law presentation.

They say June is the luckiest month for brides and marriages, while I say June is the unluckiest, most horrible, AND hectic month for the likes of me. Besides the usual piling on assignments, projects, presentations and 'money-always-seem-to-magically-disappear' daily life, I find myself thrown into further desperation. Just at the start of an early, fresh and rosy JUNE morning, Veoh decided to send everyone in my country love letters.

I thought it might have been a glitch, so I did a refresh. A few seconds later, the same message pops up, and so I did another refresh. Then another one.

For the next 5 minutes, I was just staring plainly at the message and doing refreshes. I mean, what the heck do they mean "Veoh is no longer available in your country"? Is this some kind of tasteless April's Fool Joke? Except We're in freaking JUNE now.

Nevertheless, I hold in my doubts and waited for the next day to come. By tomorrow, I'm expecting to see some kind of message that falls along the lines of "Ha! Gotcha! Happy June's Fool Day!" or something like that. So again, I visited Veoh with a hopeful smile on my face. *grins cynically* Till today, I could never understand how stupidedly positive I was back then.

My face fell when I saw the same message. And today, no number of refreshes could remove that dreadful message from my screen.

I felt anger, I felt sadness and I feel betrayal at the same time. Are they trying to tell me to give up on my weekly dose of Reborn, Gintama and One Piece? Granted, they might sound pretty trivial to some of you guys, but they are what I look forward to most at the end of every week! And they are trying to take this right away from me! And without notice too, to add.

Their brilliant excuse?

Just wonderful.

Aside from my very terrible experience with Veoh, I was in deeper shit today when I found myself with a flat tire in the middle of a busy road. I was driving home from school when I saw a friend of mine walking just beside my car. I honked once, he didn't notice, honked twice, he didn't look up. Tried to honk again and the next thing I know is I ended up on the pavement. If this is a blessing in disguise then the only blessing here is I'm lucky I only end up with a flat tire.

Lesson learnt: Never try to honk and wave at the same time.

EDIT: Fixed my car and cost me a bomb of 350. Aparrently, the rack end, shaft, rim were also busted, along with the tire.

Now, we'll talk about my rendevous with trade mark law. I have a Law presentation this wednesday and though the result is okay, the tedious part is the process. Few days before the big presentation, my group and I were combing through the library to search for Intellectual Property law. After the books are gathered, Cat went and photostated all the necessary material and we had our dicussion.

The problem comes in only after the discussion, when I was trying to do my part of slides. Beside the fact that I'm totally clueless about trade mark law, I was assigned to cover up the introduction of Infringement and the exceptions to it. The thing is, after I'm done doing my part, I felt amissed, like something definitely went wrong somewhere. Turns out I was right when I discussed it again with my team mates. I was doing the wrong law for the wrong contry, and ended up doing trade mark law for Australia, instead of the UK.

That still wasn't as bad as I only have to redo my research and slides again. The worst part is that I have to do all my preparation in the dead of the night, after my brothers went to sleep, which is usually around 1 a.m. and with one hand supporting my monitor's wire which came loose and wouldn't stay in its place no matter how much tape I use. Apparently, after he got his computer back from maintainence, I wouldn't be able to access to the net whenever he's using his com. Being the gaming freak he is, he will allow me to use the net during the day only when hell freezes over.

Hmph. Law and my grievances.

Anyway, to lighten the topic, I found this delightful video when I was YouTube browsing. It was an animation done by a fan on a cross between Reborn and Ouran, and was just too cute for words. >_< Kyaa!


Oh. Before I end, the next post I'll be working on will probably cover the Summer Anime season. Look forward to it. A month later.