Tuesday, December 25, 2007

25th Dec 2007.

Brrr... It's like friggin' cold this evening, around 14 degree celcius (If my memory does not fail me when I saw the news this morning).

Went around the streets in Hong Kong and bought some clothes, shoes, books, etc. I wanted to buy manga. Wanted. Desired. Too bad I can't find any decent manga shop around. Urgh. And I thought Hong Kong is the closest country to Japan (close, as in, not measured by distance. Close in spirit, atmosphere, people. Blah blah.)

Haven't done much walking lately in Malaysia since I knew how to drive. Heck, haven't done much walking ever since I've moved to Malaysia. My mum practically drives me everywhere. God bless her. And now, I've been doing so much walking I feel should be able to make up for the last few months of inactivity. My legs feel like they're made out of wobbly jelly as of current. Besides shopping, I even went climbing hills and find myself going to Ocean Park (one of those many attractions in Hong Kong), waiting and queueing up HOURS for a few minutes' ride.

By the way, did I ever mention that food over here is simply mouth-watering? Oh my god. I'm willing to risk putting on a few Kilos to have a moment's taste of heaven. Then, I'll regret and lament about it later when I come back to home K.L.

I'll put up the pictures I've taken during my time here when I got back to Malaysia. It's the 25th, so 6 more days to go.

But anywayz ppl, Merry Christmas!!! See you ppl when school starts. Next year. ^_^


monarekha =) said...

soh, i dunno how i can contact to wish u personally when u are there at hk... anyways, happy 2008! really hope to see u soon =]]

Anonymous said...

so you went HK? oh... there is one good dvd shop that sells anime... yiyou

Anonymous said...

You really should get back to your romance novels. they are more realistic at least. you passon for manga is strange and interesting. perhaps you should direct your energy to reading perhaps edgar allan poe. now thats some good reading.