Friday, February 29, 2008

Anime Oldies - They are better than you think.

Post will be up later. Sleep first. School has been crazy these few days. *shudders just thinking about it*

I have to confess, I'm too lazy to blog. Really lazy. But anyway, I finally got down to blogging, after procrastinating for another month. I know. I'm lazy.

Spent my holiday digging out old classic anime to watch. Believe it a not, I actually decided to give Conan a try. The detective series is the longest anime I've ever come across - and it's still ongoing (500 episodes and up). The best part about Conan is when Shinichi is dealing with the black organisation and trying to figure ways to get his body back to normal (In case you don't know, Shinichi is the main character of the story. He was forced to drink some kind of poison which turned his body to that of a 7-year-old.) ALso, not to forget, I like any episodes that has t o deal with Shinichi and Hattori (another high school genius detective) competing against each other. And of course, being the romantic I am, the ShinichixRan moments. Boy, were they cute. Other than that, the rest are basically filler episodes. But if you guys have plenty of time to spare and nothing to do in mind, you might want to give Conan a try. It's not the best anime out there but it's good enough when you've got time to kill.

Another anime I watched during my holidays were Glass Mask and Marmalade Boy. Glass mask was good. I never thought i would enjoy an anime that was adapted from a manga drawn in the 1970s. That was like 30 years before I was born. I watched the 2005 remake version of the anime - most of them are in RAWs though. No english fansubbing group has completed that series, a pity if you ask me. It came as a surprise to me that I would like Glass Mask not only because of its age but also of its genre. Glass mask is about how a girl struggles to fight her way to the stage and the world of acting. Sounds kinda boring to me in the first place and I watched the first episode with no expectations whatsoever. Before I know it, I was already halfway through the series. It was that addicting (Hayami and Maya forever!). However, the down part of this anime was that it was never finished - just like many other anime. The anime stopped halfway through the manga, just like that. And when I searched for the manga to continue my pursuit of the story, it just turned out that the author of the story halted the story as well - at volume 42. It was said that Suzue Miuchi (that's the author) wanted to do some changes to the story and modernise the plot as back in the 1970s, there's no such thing as computers and handphones. It's just stupid, really stupid. She just have to go enrage and lose her fans like this. It's like we're dying to know the end to the series and she's taking what, 7,8 years to finish ONE manga volume? It really pisses me off. It took me some time to actually get over this.

Marmalade Boy was not for my age. I'm 17 turning 18 and Marmalade Boy proves to be a little to childish for me. The story centers around Miki and Yuu, who came to know each other when their parent decide to "switch partners". It's basically a romance anime and a rather predictable one at that. I started to watch this series for no other reason than I'm bored and I ran out of anime to watch. Like I said, the story's quite predictable, which makes it rather bland. There are not many surprising elements in the story and I have to force myself to finish the anime just because I started watching it. In that sense, it's still not that bad as I could still cope with having to finish the series. There are some anime which I stopped watching at the first episode.

There now, I finish my February post. Finally.