Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blog Revival: SA back in action!

I know I said I’m taking a break from blogging till my internship is over. But then again, it never hurts to come back from a break early. Perhaps I just miss you guys too much. >_< Kyaa!

I was just browsing through my camera when I came upon some pictures that brought me back to some of the reasons why I took such a long break from blogging. If my memory serves me right, my last real post was updated around September last year, so these two incidents posted below probably occurred around October to November.

First up is the organising of a Halloween Charity Fair for a PR event for my course. I’m put in the Haunted House and Ghostly Graveyard team and gawd, the preparation part’s hell. Just weeks before our finals, we are forced to juggle between organising the event, designing the props and preparing for our exams. Come to think of it now, given the limited amount of time for revision, it’s a nice surprise to see that I still managed to snatch a few A’s for my papers.

Exams and sleepless nights aside, aside, at least the Halloween Party was rewarding. The Charity Fair gathered close to a 1000 people, making our semester the first batch to generate such a heated response for a PR event organised by students.

Below are some of the pictures taken from the fair. Do pardon the fuzziness of some of the pictures. I have a lousy camera.

This is the graveyard put up by us. Believe me when I said the real thing looks way better than what is shown in the picture.

This is Alicia, my best friend in KDU, posing as a traditional Korean ghost and another one of my friends posing as a Chinese zombie whose name escapes me. Do excuse me, I’m very bad with names.

This is me, supposedly dressed in all dark angel glory, and Michele, Her Royal Majesty of her own fantasy country (See her sparkly crown?).

Alicia, with another two people whose names escape me. I can’t even remember who is hiding behind the Halloween ghost costume.

From left to right, Jonathan the War Freak in his Ninja getup (It is ninja, right?), Michele, Me and Alicia.

I think that’s about all the photos for that night. I was too busy ‘playing’ ghost in the haunted house stall to be going around partying myself away and snapping pictures.

Anyway, here’s the second incident that got me all too irritated and busy to be spending time in the blogging sphere.

So, one day, I was just driving my car as usual when my engine overheated and died in the middle of a road. Imagine my surprise when it did and my exasperation when I have no idea why and how it happened. Basically, at that point of time, I really have no idea about the clockwork and inner workings of a car. The only thing I do know about my car is how to drive it - which isn’t too much of a complication since there is only the brake and the accelerator in an automatic car.

This is my car in the middle of the road.

The heart of my prized baby, which I have no idea how it works.

The magic triangle that gives you the excuse to stop in the middle of a road.

The trident of King Neptune lifting my car and pulling it away.

King Neptune in action. Is it just me or my car looks so miserably forlorn at the back?

Me following my car to the hospital to get his heart back up again.

It’s really a bad idea not to take good care of your car in Malaysia. Once your car broke down, it’s hard to find transport to get you anywhere around town. So, for the entire week, I’m transportless and stuck within the four walls of my house. T_T

Apparently, the reason my engine overheated is because I never bothered to check my temperature meter and add water to the engine whenever necessary. I know it’s my fault that my car broke down but believe me when I said I have no idea what the heck is a freaking temperature meter at that point of time.

But hey, now I do. As they say, “A lesson learnt is an experience gained.” After this incident, I got to know my car a little better. So, I will take note to check my temperature meter regularly and add water to the engine whenever required. See, simple as ABC.

Or is there more to car maintenance than just checking temperature meters and adding water?

I actually intended to blog about these incidents some time ago – hence the reasons for the pictures, but never really got down to it. But now that I actually did - comments, comments, comments.

P.S. You know, with the amount of incidents I have had with my car, I should just create another category named “Car Troubles” and save whatever post I have relating to my cars under that category. Should I?