Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Anime once again! アニメ ふっかつ!!


I think it's becoming more of a chore joy now. Blogging.

Yah. JOY. Pleasure, delight, merriment, gaiety and all that if I can at least manage to update once a month. I know, I'm such a sinful woman to make you guys wait so eagerly for my posts. But what can I do? It's such a sin to be busy. Ooh~

May He find room in His magnanimous heart to bestow forgiveness upon me.

Anywayz, enough drama.

So, here I am again, back to blogging for my faithful readers. As usual, comments are welcome ^_^

It's the summer season and you know what that means? Yes. It's that same excitement that goes shivering down your spine when you chance upon a new series that got your heart rushing with adrenaline and left you wanting for more. Yes! It's the time again! The time for a series of new Anime!!!

With that said, I find myself drowned in disappointment with the release of the summer season. Well, not that everything's too bad, it's just that they didn't meet my expectations. Guess my hopes got too high.

Shown below is a list of anime I find myself looking forward to. Honestly, I expected more.

Anime: Summer Season.

Ok. Mushi is bug. Uta is song. That's the name of this series, Mushi-uta. Song of a bug. Lol. Name aside, the plot has got some potential. In the world that Mushi-Uta takes place in, there are insects known as Mushi that eat a person’s dreams, but in exchange grant that person paranormal powers. These people become known as Mushitsuki, and when their dream gets completely eaten, they die. The story revolves around a runaway girl from some mushitsuki secret facility and a mushitsuki hunter whose jobs is to retrieve them back. Kinda reminds me of Romeo and Juliet and the Legend of Basara.

A follow up of the first season, Zero no Tsukaima II: Futatsu no Kishi is one of the most highly anticipated anime this season. With the same tsundereness dripping, I'll doubt it'll become of of my favourite shows but it'll be one I can find enjoyment instead. Something you can look forward to in this show: The appearance of her two noble sisters and another love rival! Spells disasater for Saito.

Now, this is what I call the real stuff. Zombie-Loan = Hot guys. Zombies. Shinigami's eyes. Mystery. Action. Adventure - and perhaps, a pinch of romance. *sigh* This could never get better. The main character here is a girl who possesses the Shinigami's eyes - a gift/curse that allows her to see dark rings that appear around people’s necks before they die. One day, she happened to catch a glimpse of those dark rings on the necks of two of her classmates. And, they're still alive.

Alright, Baccano! is another anime that got my interest. It has a wide and diverse cast of characters that involves alchemists, demons, mobsters, thieves, terrorists, delinquents, murderers, and even a ghost. The back-story involves a group of alchemists who received a liquor of immortality from a demon in the 1700s. Think it could be fun? Probably.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei fittingly revolves around a very negative teacher and the show opens up with him trying to hang himself before he gets saved by one of his very positive-attitude student who thinks he was trying to get taller. I've watched the first two episodes and I still couldn't stop laughing. The show is filled with gags and laughs that I'm sure you would find enjoyable as well.

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho Tou Dai Ni Maku is another sequel from the Spring season. The first season was not too boring so I might as well continue watching the second. This anime revolves around the usual. Demons and demon-slayers. You get the story.

Right, above is about all the anime I'm watching for the season. 5. Just 5. It's pretty depressing. Oh, and I didn't include the last two episode of Code Geass that was supposed to be airing this July 28. A lot of controversy were generated around it. I'm not that wild about Code Geass but I guess I'll still hold on till the end.

Now, I'll dedicate some of my time to a few of the anime that I felt should be taken notice on.

First up, from the Action genre:

Of course! If one talks about Action, who could ever forget Claymore! With its fast-paced action storyline and intriguing plot, it only left me with bouts of criticisms and complaints for the director for not releasing the episodes earlier.

Seirei no Moribito started out a slow-paced, somewhat dull anime. But after the first few episodes and the plot finally got moving, the plot accelerates like an elevator and action became the stimulant for every heart-racing episode. And guess what? The elevator's not coming down yet.

Urgh people. Forget Bleach and Naruto. God I swear both anime are out to make everyone miserable. Bleach is fighting out with its fillers again and Naruto is dragging even the tiniest of detsils to make an episode.

Next, the romantic comedy genre:

OKay, I know Romeo x Juliet is a shakespear adaptation but the anime is nothing literature-like. I promise. The sweet moments and the 'forbidden love' concept has gotten me stuck on it, despite me being a literature student. Definitely an emotion-jerker. God. I hate tragedies and sad endings.

The romance was cute, with a lot of shying aways, denyings, quarelling, and of course - blushings. Sparks fly when the passive-I-know-I'm-cool man and stubborn-as-hell woman meets. Well, not to forget, Kaze no Stigma is originally an action anime. The romance department doesn't appear all too often.

Honestly, I wanted to add another comedy section to this but there really isn't any good shows I can put up at the moment. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei seems like a good choice but thinking that it's just been into its second week, I would like to watch a few more episodes before coming to a conclusion. Well, either way, do try taking up SZS. My recommendation.

To anime fans in Singapore, I heard the news. My condolences. This time, it seems that ODEX is seriously out to catch every anime fansub downloader in the country. Lol, never knew ODEX has such a tenacious streak in them. I read on wikipedia that if you're caught downloading, you will be called for an out-of-court settlement first. Ignore them and be prepared for a facing off in the court of Singapore. You can be sentenced to a fine or six months behind bar - or both. Brrh, creeps me out just thinking about it.

A little advice: Ppl, you might want to curb your anime addiction a bit.

Okay. This is one looong post. Again, comments, comments, comments.