Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The ODEX Saga

Was just browsing the net and came across something like this:
Click to enlarge.

After months of silence, ODEX strikes again!!! This time, on a larger, greater, international scale!

Right, they overstepped their boundaries and so their plans backlashed. This calls for a little celebration for the Singaporean anime community, although it still doesn't entitle them the right to download anime. Well, take things a step at a time. At least things weren't going that smooth for that mastermind-company-who's-behind-everything-unfortunate anymore. (They lost the case against Pacific Net, still refuse to admit defeat and continued with its appeals.)

Anyway, here is an interesting mockumentary created by an anime fan in protest of ODEX's actions to prosecute downloaders. It's downright hilarious. Lol, TenGins, Moonhub, rings any bells?

Hehe, got your fun? Somehow, ODEX's persistence to stop anime downloaders reminds me the typical Singaporean behaviour trait of kiasuism. But really, the ODEX saga just doesn't die, does it? If any, I would say it just got even bigger.


Black Passion said...

Keep up the gd work, this post is entertaining for anime lover.

轡田.俊平 said...

10 points to guys who did the animation, otaku power! lol. and 1 point for the "money-grubbers" who sticked their nose into the wrong places.

Zeepish said...

Lol. Practice the singapore saying, "Mind you own business... lah".

Chellcee said...

This has nothing to do with your blog post. It's just that you don't have a tag box, so I'm commenting here.

For someone who said she didn't like sad complicated endings, what's with the romeo x juliet ending? You want me to drown my whole house in my tears? Is that it? Tch tch, your plot to drown me?

Oh, and if you're watching Zero no Tsukaima 2, it's not as good as the first season. So much more fanservice this time around. I've been skipping all the ero bits. It's almost morphing into a harem anime. Gah.

Ooh, and accounts of your driving are on my blog. Wanna see? Hehe.

kohai, mt said...

very nice animation =P