Monday, November 9, 2009

Procrastinate's the middle name.

I'm a liar. I never update.

After months and months of procrastination, I should really register this blog with a death certificate.

(Procrastinators unite!!! Tomorrow.)

*sobs* Fame is short-lived. *sobs again* My blog used to be flooded with visitors. (really?) *blows nose* And now nobody even bothers to drop in and say hi now. *wails loudly*

So, what's the point of updating?

Haha. I'm making you people take all the blame. But I guess I'm at least entitled to that since i'm going through a miserable phase of my life right now. It's depressing to even talk about it. Maybe I'll blog again once I finally settled down in Singapore (did I mention that I'm moving back to Sg?).

Maybe. Don't get your hopes up. (Like anyone is looking forward to my updates.)

And this is Zeepish, signing off.
When life happened, shit happens. (I'm gonna make this my signature phrase.)