Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Beach Bleach Girls Showdown!

I've been wanting to blog about this ever since I saw the latest opening theme sequence of Bleach. The thing is, predictably, I just never got down to it. Just today, a college friend was saying, "It's about time you update your blog, girl. The last time I checked, it has been about more than a month since you've made any updates."

Okay, point taken.

In my opinion, the latest bleach opening took a surprising turn (not necessary for the better) and appears to be quite spoilerish and very Inoue Orihime oriented.

First, you've got a shot of Orihime smiling sweetly down at a sleeping Ichigo - a very obvious IchigoxOrihime hint. (Spoiler: This should be the scene where Orihime confesses to a sleeping Ichigo).

Then, you've got another shot of Orihime flashing passby Ichigo - yet another IchigoxOrihime hint. Then another shot of Orihime falling into the hands of Aizen (although I didn't include that shot in here).

And here, you've got another shot of Orihime alone, her hair waving dramatically along with the wind in the oh-so-desolate desert.

Like I said, very Orihime-oriented. People still watching Bleach, you know what I mean.

Though I'm not exactly a big fan of Orihime (figures), I'm a fan of Aqua Timez (the group performing this op). I give credit where it's due and I've gotta say, their music hardly disappoint me. It was actually quite innovative of the producers to start the op off by making it appear as if Kon was singing the song.

In the previous Naruto post, I mentioned that I'm for the NarutoxHinata pair and against the NarutoxSakura pair. This time on Bleach, I won't hesitate to voice my views again and say "Rukia GOOO!!!Orihime Booo!!!"

Sorry Orihime fans, but that's just me. I would rather Orihime go for Ishida than Ichigo. I get depressed everytime there's a IchigoxOrihime moment and more depressed thinking of the stuff that has yet to happen in the future. In last week's episode of Bleach, we found out that Orihime seems to have an uncanny ability to sense the life force and geographical position of Ichigo and knows where she will be able to find him. What joy.

The only complaint I have is Rukia is getting lesser and lesser screen time this arc. The last time I remember seeing her is she being injured by one of Aizen's force squad, which is like, episodes ago. And I'm like, why isn't there any IchigoxRukia moments, that'll be like so sweet. To date, I still haven't seen anything that will suffice as a romantic hint to their relationship. Sad Devastating, isn't it?

Argh, WHYYY!!! I want my IchigoxRukia opening and ending theme sequences back!