Wednesday, August 22, 2007

4.9kg Ramen Challenge!

Shown here is Japanese mega-eater Tomoko Miyake trying to finish up a 4.9kg (roughly 11 pounds) bowl of ramen.

In this video, petite 38kg Miyake sets a new record. Just look at her go!

Right. I'm just tongue-strucked. Just where exactly did all the food go in that petite body of hers anyway? Besides, this is injustice! How can she still be that slim after wolfing down all the mountain of food down her tummy?

Life is unfair. Period.

OKay, I'll just roughly translate what is being said (just the main points) in the video.

Reporter: The amount will be more than you can imagine!
Miyake: The more the better, actually.

[Sign says "Come to our shop if you're feeling hungry."]

The highest record set before Miyake was a whopping 1.5kg of ramen! (Just 800g of ramen can already satisfy a person with a larger appetite. See that plump guy in white.)

So Miyake, saying she can't possibly lose to that person, decided to go for a 1.6kg worth of ramen noodles.

And of course, as the amount of noodles increase, the ingredients follow suit as well. With 1.6kg of ramen, 1.5kg of bean sprouts, and 1.6 litre of soup, the end result was a moutain slope of food peeking out from the bowl. (Lol, the maths doesn't add up but the rest of the 200g got to have been the pork that rests on top of the noodles)

[After the noodles arrived]
Reporter: Are you able to finish?
Miyake: Can't wait to dig in! I'll finish them up. Everything!
Reporter: Really?!
Miyake: Itadakimasu!

So after Miyake started eating, the reporter introduced the nutritionist and their talk are mostly about nutritional facts. So, I'm not gonna touch too much on that.

According to the nutritionist, the amount of calories that Miyake is taking in now totals up to 130000kcal = the amount of calorie intake for an average male for a week. *woot*

After 40 minutes, Miyake is mostly finished with everything.

Reporter: Is it okay to leave the soup unfinished?
Shop manager: Oh, it's fine.
Narrator: It seems that as long as the customer has eaten his fill, it's ok to leave the soup unfinished.

Naturally, after all that calorie intake, the nutritionist advised Miyake to drink at least a litre of milk for helping to burn away the extra energy and a healthy nutritional balance in her body.

Then, Miyake just smiled and asked, "I feel like grabbing an ice-cream. I still have some stomach left for that! Can I?"

To which the nutritionist answered to, "No."

Lol. Save your stomach for the milk, Miyake. I feel full just by looking at her eat. Still, it's kinda unbelivable how is she able to finish up everything. Below is a picture shown that will unrevel the mystery behind the stomach of professional eaters. People, hold your breath.

The stomach size of a professional eater before and after eating.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Japan New-halfs.

This woman is previously a man... Right, enough said.

The Japanese word "New-half" (ニューハーフ) is a slang term used to describe a man who has made the mental and/or physical transition to being a woman. In Japan, New-halfs are accepted by both the public (- the same way homosexuals are being accepted into their society. I mean, hello! They're even making movies, anime and mangas out of it!!!)and the government, stating that new-halfs are deserving of human rights as well. True.

Below is a video taken from a variety program called "The Best House" and this section is showing off the prettiest new-halfs they can find.

Haha, pretty amazing, when I think about how advanced technology is now. Feats that are deemed impossible can be done now with a snap of the fingers. Anyway, yay! I've learned how to embed a video!! And it's all thanks to my sweetie! >_<

If you have a choice, would you go out with a new-half?

Hogwarts Host Club?!

Surprisingly, Harry Potter ended with a happy ending! Ron and Hermione tied the knot, Harry and Genie got together. Not that I'm very pleased with the latter but at least it was a happy ending. Now that we're done with the books, let me introduce you to another story worthy of your attention! Harry Potter, bishounen versionised. Yes, it's the Hogwarts Host Club!

Without anything being said, you guys should've guessed who's who looking at the image shown. Yes, that's Ron on the left (surprise, surprise!), followed by Hermione then the all-famous character, Harry Potter.

I could swear this is published with Ouran High School Host Club as the main reference!

Here's a brief sypnosis of the Manga:

Harry Potter was forced by his father, the chairman of the school, to join and take up the position of the Host Club's president. (Think: Tamaki)

Ron Weasly, best friend of Harry, joined the Host Club out of loyalty and becomes one of the less popular hosts among the club. Well, he's got Hermione. (Think: Kyouya . Of course not.)

Then, we've got Hermione Granger, the self-appointed manageress who appeared suddenly out of nowhere and made it her goal to improve the business and profits of the host club. (Think: Renge)

We've also got Neville Longbottom and Rubeus Hagrid acting as the other members of the club. Neville, the blushy and Hagrid, the mighty.

And of course, Severus Snape as the professor antagonist who wishes the for the destruction of the Host Club.

Lastly, we have Draco Malfoy, president of the Zuka Club, and arch enemy of (need I say) Harry Potter. (Think: Benibara-sama)


Now, on to my next favourite! Iisaka Yukako!!! I love her works! Just recently, another one of her books got published and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Finally!!! It's a looong wait, indeed.

Yes, it's shoujo genre. The story goes something like this:

"This is the fantasy mask house where you could ask for a different facial appearance than the one you're having now. Just give the doors a push, and everything could be as you wished..."

For the sake of the person she admired, average High School girl Nanami decided to give her appearance a change. However, little does she knows that there is something more to the surreal appearance she now gets...

Hmmm, intriguing, isn't it? Here's to hoping I could get my hands on the book ASAP. ^_^

Lol, looks like I broke my record! Two posts in a day, and the usual, no comments forever. Seriously, this. Is. Depressing. Ahhhhhh!!!! Urgh! Come on, ppl, I don't bite ^_^

The Driving Catastrophe!

Hey people! Guess what? I've finally taken my driving test, got my driving licence, and experienced my first drive around the town! Hehe, I must say, it was pretty thrilling >_<

I remember speeding on the Malaysian highways at about 80km/h just on my first drive! Oh, the thrill of it! The maximum speed for the highways are at 110km/h and my instructor, who was sitting beside me was urging me to increase my speed, and to step more daringly on the accelerator ('cos I was like going at only 50+km/h that time).

There was also a couple of times where my enginge died in the middle of the road. The first time in a traffic jam. The second in front of the traffic light and the last time while going through the ERPs. Yes, the government is squeezing the life out of us. Why the engine died you asked? That's because silly me released the clutch too fast despite my instructor's numerous reminders. What can I do? He's speaking in Malay.

Oh yah, and before I forgot, my parents bought me a car too! Oh-pampered-me. Well, not that they agreed to it without conditions. Yes, I'm responsible for driving my brothers (not one, but TWO!) to school now. Not that it's too much of a favour to ask but I couldn't be more glad to help anyway. I love driving! I'll put up another post once I get tired of it. *wink*

They bought me a Proton Savvy, known for its fuel-efficiency and AMT (Auto-Manual Transmission) functions. Here's the picture:

I would have prefered another colour, apple green actually but oh wells.

My first drive in my very own car takes place yesterday. August the 20th while on my way to school. Yes, I'm 17 and I can drive! Yay. Lol. I'm bragging all I want. I reached my school campus safely, but not without choruses of rants and beratings from my mum, preeching me to look before I drive, stop at junctions and to improve my steering skills. Yes mummy, I understand.

Oh and because of my magnificent driving skills, a normal 10 minute drive took another extended 5 minutes and I'm late to class. Great.

Just for you trivial knowledge, the last time I checked, Malaysia's ranked top three in countries with the most reckless driving.

Lol, now you know why.