Saturday, December 30, 2006

A little tibit

Oh and by the way, Rejoice yaoi lovers, Okane ga nai is getting animated and ready to be released Year 2007 (I know, some news). Of course, more information will be provided when i got my [Anime 2007] list done. Here's just a little something for you Yaoi lovers to chew on:

Who knows Zoro and Sanji make such a picture ^_^

On another note:

Laugh till you drop

I randomly came across this really humourous video and would like to share it with you. I had problems uploading the video so this will just have to make do. And boy, that kid must be really nervous, saying stuff like, "This is a pen", the last few minutes when his companions prompt him to ask the last question due to the lack of time. Be sure to check it out ^_^

Morever, I never knew blogging can be such a hazzle. Not only do I have problems uploading a video, I'm having trouble making expandable blog summaries as well. Where the hell is my style sheet anyway?

Monday, December 25, 2006

Birth of a new blogger >_<

Finally created a blog... After months of procrastination ^_^

First off, it's Christmas today, so Merry Christmas to you folks out there. Here's to wishing you all the happiness this season of joy can bring ^_^

Second, as an anime fan myself, I gotta say the Death note's soundtrack is some hot composition. Just as expected from the genius composer, Yoshihisa Hirano. His compositions for Ouran High School Host Club is still going hot and ringing in my head. The music style for Death Note is albeit, a bit different this time. Probably because this wasn't his solo project. Hideki Taniuchi (He did the Otogi Zoshi soundtrack) is one of the composers for the soundtrack as well. I've never heard or watch Otogi Zoshi before so I can't pass judgement on his skills as a composer. BUT listening to the Death Note's soundtrack, I guess he couldn't be that bad.

Thirdly, School's starting in like, a week's time. Mass Communication seems like a pretty interesting enough course. Wonder if i made the wrong choice in choosing KDU (Whatever the initials stand for) over Taylors College. Both are pretty prestigious, I guess, but I still couldn't get this naggy feeling off me. Maybe it's just me being paranoid. Maybe.
Comments are welcome. And Don't worry, I don't bite ^_^