Wednesday, January 30, 2008

HK Trip - plus the photos.

I'm just on time before the clock strikes 12 and the last day of January in 2008 is over. Anyway, i'm so lazy lately i'll just copy and paste the whole segment of the speech i did in class talking about the time i spent in HK.

There you go.

It all started one early morning when I was still lying comfy in my bed cocoon when my phone rang. It was my mum. She was calling me early in the morning to ask when am I having my holidays. Since still half-asleep, I answered half-heartedly until her last response stop me short before she cut the line off.

Early in the morning of one of those usual, boring, never-ending days which was supposed to go normal, she told us we were going to Hong Kong.

Now, you must realize, that was big news indeed to me. It was like waking up to find a handsome prince by your side and you’re actually the long lost princess of Atlantic. In other words, it sounded too good to be true. It sounded phony.

The last time I boarded a plane and actually flew to another country besides Singapore was when I’m 5 – when I can hardly remember anything at that age. Ever since then, my mother just make me empty promises every year about how we will go to The states in year 2000 and go Japan in year 2001 and go Hong Kong in year 2002, yada yada.

So after the shock subsided, I continued lying in the warmth of my bed cocoons and stare blank at the ceilings. Then I think, yeah right, Hong Kong, and went back to sleep again.

Forwarded to the day 18th December 2007, I found myself checking in at the airport with my family. Since it’s still an hour away before we could actually board the plane, I went exploring around and snapping at everything with a newly camera I just bought not long ago.

This picture is taken in a chocolate shop in the airport. Prices here really skyrocket and you can’t do any bargaining. One pack of merci chocolates which could be bought at about 7 ringgit here is sold for 21 ringgit there. Just impossible. And ridiculous.

The following are more shots of Malaysia’s airport. After my brothers and I are tired from all those exploring, I gave in to the impulse and bought some ridiculously expensive chips for our journey.

…boarded the plane and before we knew it, we’re in hk.

…captured some more shots of the airport in hk and then think, airports are about all the same anywhere, and then think again, not that I’ve been to many airports.

…took a train to the island of hk.

…we live our 2 weeks to the fullest by indulging ourselves with shopping and all the yummies of hong kong.

…visited my aunt’s restaurant and spoil myself with the food she served.

…famed peak of hong kong which is supposed to cover all of hk land when you looked down. Too bad we couldn’t see anything because it was too foggy.

…tong luo wan – the equivalent of orchard road in sg. All the major and happening shops and malls are there, sogo, times square, blah blah.

…Another thing to note about hk is that wherever you go, whenever you are, you always find yourself surrounded in a crowd. Before you can get anything you want, there’s always this queue in front of you.

…went seeing the lights on Christmas day. As usual, it was very packed and you literally have to squirm through everyone to go anywhere.

…went to ocean park. More people than usual. Hate it when you have to wait 2 hours just for a 2 minutes ride.

…see pandas. Those cute, fluffy, furry creatures.

...more shopping and eating. Were indulging ourselves with dim sum.

…took pictures of the famous bridge of hk when you see in the movies on the tri back home. Brr, was it cold that day. It was around 10 degree celcius that morning.

...took pictures of clouds and scenery.

...landed home and took more pictures of planes and the K.L. airport.

See, I'm so lazy, I'd just "..." everything for my speech. But who cares anyway. I'll upload my photos later and it should make up for everything. Probably. And then I feel lazy again when I think I've yet to post on the Anime Winter 2007 season. Crap, blame my lazy bones.

Urgh, exams are tomorrow and I can't believe i'm updating my blog. Really gotta ciao. Till then, people.


Anonymous said...

Interesting blogspot. You seem to like the idea of men having a sexual relationship which is to me somewhat perverted. But that is the sort of person youare i guess. You might want to tone down a little on that, people might get the wrong impression(s). but otherwise somewhat interesting. perhaps you should expand a little , you know, outside your strange manga world.

Anonymous said...

With a little creativity your dim sum picture seems to resemble something else.