Monday, January 22, 2007

Nodame Cantabile

Yes people! It's the anime of the winter season, Nodame Cantabile! (Lol, dear. Sorry I wrote something anime-related again. Guess I don't have it in me to deny the existance of the ever-so-significant anime in my life. Besides, it's not sinful awakening anymore if it's not about anime :p)

Boy, just a few days ago, I felt like giving up on this season's anime. None of them particularly caught my eye. So while I was browsing through the bittorrent directory for anime, C1 anime (a fan-subbed group) released it's first episode of Nodame Cantabile. Just to let you know, I never had any expectations in this series to begin with. In the first place, Nodame Cantabile is produced by Kenichi Kasai, who directed Honey and Clover, the unartful, lolicon (short for lolita-complex) anime series.

The story revovles mainly around Nodame and Chiaki, the main characters of the story. Chiaki defines the word perfectionist itself, not only is he popular in school and smart, he's the son of famous pianist Chiaki Masayuki as well. However, even the perfectionist himself harbors a few flaws. He's terribly afraid of getting on a plane, due to some hard landings he experienced when he was young. And now, that has become an obstacle in his goal to become an orchestra conductor, which is why he is sill remaining in Japan.

As for Nodame, she's your typical clumsy heroine who has an air of innocence around her. Not to mention, she hates cleaning up as well, which is often an annoyance for Chiaki, a cleanliness freak who lives just next door.

The best part of the anime does not lie in their unique characers, but the plot itself. I'm not gonna spoil the plot for you but there's no doubt the show interest me to no end and it came as a pleasant surprise to me that I'll like this show. Nodame Cantabile is filled with lots of comedy goodness, romantic fun and it has got piano playing as well, since it's an anime with music as it's core.

For those who enjoyed Ouran High School Host Club, This may be just the anime for you this season.


kuro' said...

oo, I think I saw the US subbed manga for this series. Tokyo pop or another of those big manga company in the states.. no offence, but the drawing doesn't really match my liking. =/ but since you recommend it, I might give it a shot. XD

Zeepish said...

Haha, I know what you mean. The drawing's one of the reasons I never had any expectations for this series. Just watch the first few episodes and I'm sure you'll get over it. But for anime to be interesting, plot over animation is more important. That's what I think.

JoJo said...

heyyyy!! LOL.. as i promised u.. u can see mii in da giving comments now.. wahaha.. cool man.. i love ur blog.. all bout anime..=DDDDDDDDDDD keep it up.. hahahahahs!! u take care oki!!!

monarekha =) said...

wont complain about your anime related postings ready... cos this is ur love, ur interest... hahas... but maybe, you may want to change to an aniime related blogskin...

kuro' said...

ah.. well I still can't try it.. NO TIME! T_T too many darn tests. too busy preparing for the damn papers that decides my future.. meh.. =/

N-Newtype said...

Hey! I like your blog even if its only the starting part of it. Well anime is more than just art. Its also about sharing's one's vision, experience and thoughts. Sadly older animes will always be overlooked by the newer generation because of their art and only current popular ones that have some form of relations to those of yesteryears may or may not gain recognition. Even so if you're a true anime fan you'll have to look pass the bare art it presents and further into the messages they wish to convey. That way their work would be more than just a pretty picture but something of meaningful. After all many of the messages presented are that gained from daily life and the people around them if not by their own. In any case keep it up with your blog!

Anonymous said...

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