Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More Ouran Fun!

Woot!. Mid-term's finally over and now we're back to more anime blogging! Hmmm... Well, manga blogging actually, for this post. Do you still remember how much you enjoyed watching Ouran High School Host Club (桜蘭高校ホスト部) last Spring season? Ouran (for short), is without a doubt one of the anime I enjoyed most. Its fun-filled episodes and eccentric characters crack me up without fail everytime. So here is something for you Ouran Lovers, particularly TamakiXHaruhi fans to rejoice over:

So, here you have, a down-with-cold Tamaki musing over his relationship with Haruhi. After the Ouran High Festival and the departure of the Monacco Princess, Tamaki suddenly felt the desperate urge to pull Haruhi into his embrace and gave her a kiss. For thinking such unpure thoughts, Tamaki felt that he may actually be more of a hentai (pervert) than he thinks and thus, is having second thoughts about being Haruhi's father.

And hahaha, the joke here is Tamaki's father telling Tamaki that it's okay to want to kiss your kid, even if he or she isn't a child anymore. So our finally-enlightened-hero, relieved that wanting to kiss your kid isn't abnormal behaviour, goes:

Bam! There you have it! The foolishly cute chronicles of Tamaki's silly but loveable antics. ^_^


~OuranLoverz~ said...

GOOO TAMAKIIII!!!!! Too bad the anime is only 26 episodes. I would love to have a second season.

Zeepish said...

Lol, my sentiments exactly! 26 episodes is too short for such a brilliant anime like Ouran High School Host Club.

Anonymous said...

what chapter is this