Friday, January 12, 2007

Bleach 110

So after countless fillers, we're finally back to the mangaline. Banzai!!! After the Bounto arc, Ichigo and company went back to their world and reunited with their family and friends. It seems like family play a big part in this arc, but we'll come to that later.

Remember the Shinigami combat license Ichigo have? Well, apparently the combat license itself is invisible to the human eyes - due to various reasons. However, Tatsuki (one of Ichigo's classmates) seems to have noticed it. So while Ichigo was trying to figure out why, the combat license gave off some kind of alert and Ichigo and Co. were out to kick some Hollow's ass again.

The group then returns to class to hear the introduction of a school transferee, Hirako Shinji. Shinji had met ichigo before, intentionally, while he was fighting the hollow earlier. He was seated beside Ichigo in class and introduced himself in a rather weird manner. Ichigo, however, thinks nothing of it and turns his attention back to class.

Later that night, Ichigo is alerted to another hollow. This time, he puts Kon into his body and is confronted Hirako Shinji. Surprisingly, Shinji, like Ichigo, has the abilities of both Shinigami and Hollow. He appeals to Ichigo to join their side, as he is, quite obviously, of the same species as him. Ichigo, of course refuses, and they got into a fight.

At the same time, Ishida and Kon (who's still in Ichigo's body), were faced with two Hollows, one of them being the Grand Fisher (the hollow that killed Ichigo's mum, and was supposedly dead). Ishida who has lost his quincy powers, is having trouble fending off his opponent. When he's about to get hit, someone fires an arrow and saves him. Still reeling from the shock, he looks up at the man and uttered one word: Uryuu... (his father's first name).


Black Passion said...

Thank god the fillers had ended and moved on to a new arc. =D Go BLEACH and go tsoi with more and more bleach blogging

m.n said...

minna here again i'm m.n okay take note :) bleach has gone to a higher level of battle ablready! can't wait to see what will happen to the arc. and the si shen!

queeny said... luv wat u reviewed ohoho... i'm crazy over bleach haha cant help it xP Oh, yes! i nid 2 tell u sth, Ishida's father's 1st name is Ryuken not Uryuu. Uryuu is Ishida's 1st name hehe make sure u correct it haha

queeny said...

Haha u confuses me. I made a mistake hehe It's Uryu not Uryuu lol xP

queeny said...'s me again haha xP lol gomen-gomen haha actually i'm not sure if it's Uryu or Uryuu. In the anime, they sub it as Uryuu but in some other site they show it as Uryu confusing haih