Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hogwarts Host Club?!

Surprisingly, Harry Potter ended with a happy ending! Ron and Hermione tied the knot, Harry and Genie got together. Not that I'm very pleased with the latter but at least it was a happy ending. Now that we're done with the books, let me introduce you to another story worthy of your attention! Harry Potter, bishounen versionised. Yes, it's the Hogwarts Host Club!

Without anything being said, you guys should've guessed who's who looking at the image shown. Yes, that's Ron on the left (surprise, surprise!), followed by Hermione then the all-famous character, Harry Potter.

I could swear this is published with Ouran High School Host Club as the main reference!

Here's a brief sypnosis of the Manga:

Harry Potter was forced by his father, the chairman of the school, to join and take up the position of the Host Club's president. (Think: Tamaki)

Ron Weasly, best friend of Harry, joined the Host Club out of loyalty and becomes one of the less popular hosts among the club. Well, he's got Hermione. (Think: Kyouya . Of course not.)

Then, we've got Hermione Granger, the self-appointed manageress who appeared suddenly out of nowhere and made it her goal to improve the business and profits of the host club. (Think: Renge)

We've also got Neville Longbottom and Rubeus Hagrid acting as the other members of the club. Neville, the blushy and Hagrid, the mighty.

And of course, Severus Snape as the professor antagonist who wishes the for the destruction of the Host Club.

Lastly, we have Draco Malfoy, president of the Zuka Club, and arch enemy of (need I say) Harry Potter. (Think: Benibara-sama)


Now, on to my next favourite! Iisaka Yukako!!! I love her works! Just recently, another one of her books got published and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Finally!!! It's a looong wait, indeed.

Yes, it's shoujo genre. The story goes something like this:

"This is the fantasy mask house where you could ask for a different facial appearance than the one you're having now. Just give the doors a push, and everything could be as you wished..."

For the sake of the person she admired, average High School girl Nanami decided to give her appearance a change. However, little does she knows that there is something more to the surreal appearance she now gets...

Hmmm, intriguing, isn't it? Here's to hoping I could get my hands on the book ASAP. ^_^

Lol, looks like I broke my record! Two posts in a day, and the usual, no comments forever. Seriously, this. Is. Depressing. Ahhhhhh!!!! Urgh! Come on, ppl, I don't bite ^_^


monarekha =) said...

sweetie... pls blog more frequently... WHY WHY WHY? WHY HARRY POTTRER??

Zeepish said...

Lol. I think you should already know it, but I'm lazy lazy lazy. Haha, then again, why not Harry Potter? *wink*

mangteng said...

erms, the pic is really no good. RON HAIR turn RED. n the name. "The harry potter host club" seems really freaky! omg...n i cant belive darco is benibera sama ... OMG! speechless... LOBELIA~~ LOBELIA~~~LOBELIA~~~~

=P Ur junior, mangteng

monarekha =) said...

i told u my reason abt harry potter... u dont except me to say it our here right... =X

Zeepish said...

Haha. Well, it is a bit OOC of Malfoy to act the part of Benibara-sama.

I know. It's call me showing my affection by teasing you on the net.

monarekha =) said...

oh... i'm so moved by your affection...

Audra said...

Interesting to know.