Wednesday, August 22, 2007

4.9kg Ramen Challenge!

Shown here is Japanese mega-eater Tomoko Miyake trying to finish up a 4.9kg (roughly 11 pounds) bowl of ramen.

In this video, petite 38kg Miyake sets a new record. Just look at her go!

Right. I'm just tongue-strucked. Just where exactly did all the food go in that petite body of hers anyway? Besides, this is injustice! How can she still be that slim after wolfing down all the mountain of food down her tummy?

Life is unfair. Period.

OKay, I'll just roughly translate what is being said (just the main points) in the video.

Reporter: The amount will be more than you can imagine!
Miyake: The more the better, actually.

[Sign says "Come to our shop if you're feeling hungry."]

The highest record set before Miyake was a whopping 1.5kg of ramen! (Just 800g of ramen can already satisfy a person with a larger appetite. See that plump guy in white.)

So Miyake, saying she can't possibly lose to that person, decided to go for a 1.6kg worth of ramen noodles.

And of course, as the amount of noodles increase, the ingredients follow suit as well. With 1.6kg of ramen, 1.5kg of bean sprouts, and 1.6 litre of soup, the end result was a moutain slope of food peeking out from the bowl. (Lol, the maths doesn't add up but the rest of the 200g got to have been the pork that rests on top of the noodles)

[After the noodles arrived]
Reporter: Are you able to finish?
Miyake: Can't wait to dig in! I'll finish them up. Everything!
Reporter: Really?!
Miyake: Itadakimasu!

So after Miyake started eating, the reporter introduced the nutritionist and their talk are mostly about nutritional facts. So, I'm not gonna touch too much on that.

According to the nutritionist, the amount of calories that Miyake is taking in now totals up to 130000kcal = the amount of calorie intake for an average male for a week. *woot*

After 40 minutes, Miyake is mostly finished with everything.

Reporter: Is it okay to leave the soup unfinished?
Shop manager: Oh, it's fine.
Narrator: It seems that as long as the customer has eaten his fill, it's ok to leave the soup unfinished.

Naturally, after all that calorie intake, the nutritionist advised Miyake to drink at least a litre of milk for helping to burn away the extra energy and a healthy nutritional balance in her body.

Then, Miyake just smiled and asked, "I feel like grabbing an ice-cream. I still have some stomach left for that! Can I?"

To which the nutritionist answered to, "No."

Lol. Save your stomach for the milk, Miyake. I feel full just by looking at her eat. Still, it's kinda unbelivable how is she able to finish up everything. Below is a picture shown that will unrevel the mystery behind the stomach of professional eaters. People, hold your breath.

The stomach size of a professional eater before and after eating.


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OMG! Japan has lots of weird ppl. LOL!

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sawatdii kha =)

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I love ramen XD but too bad my appetite isn't as great as that women haha

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Tomoko is now a bikini model