Wednesday, June 20, 2007


HEY PEOPLE!!! Long time no see!
Yah. It's been I-don't-know-how-many-weeks-and-days since I last posted. Anyway, this time I'm updating you guys on a bit of my personal life. Me in SCHOOL. Hehe, I know. This is some pretty rare information you can get your hands on.

Now that I think of it, college life is pretty much the same everywhere. You meet new friends, get drowned in school work and projects, suffered preechings from the lectureres and of course, have fun once in a while. If you'd ask me, I would say the hardest part of adapting to school life here is getting used to your environment. I still remember the first day of college was the most lonely day for me. Everyone of my friends were back in Singapore and I'm the only one alone here. Pretty imitidating, when I think of walking the college life alone. But now, looking back, I know that's history and only a small fragment of my past.

Anyway, see the logo below? This is the start of my radio crew back in college, Rhapsodies.FM ^_^

Hendersonians, guess where I got the name from? Hehe. (Asumming you got it right) Bingo. Although I'm the DJ for my station, I still participated in some of the miscellaneous work. One of my jobs was to find a sponsor for our radio station. Sounds unbelievable, eh? (Kinda reminds me of a certain someone trying to get hold of Lee Kuan Yew into an interview back in High School days during Social Studies class. Lol. Remember, S.O.H?) No matter how far-fetched it sounded (to me), I faxed a letter over to BMG Sony and Warner Music companies requesting for their sponsorship. Boy, was the process tedious. There were a lot of approvals needed before I can faxed that thing over and a lot of procrastinating and waiting to be done after I faxed it over. Now, I'm still waiting for their replies.

Another job handled by me is to come up with our station's jingle. I got them the music I composed in my lower secondary years (think: E-music with Mrs Ong), edited some parts and viola, we have our very own station's jingle. The end composition came out as a joke, and it's totally hilarious. But still, WE LOVE IT!!! I wish I could post the jingle here but sadly, a cat violently rejected the idea. *meow*

Anyway, this embarassingly stupid video should make up for the missing jingle. Be sure not to miss it. We were practicing for a commercial at that time and laughing so much.

Feel free to make song dedications and games and contests suggestions at our official website - We will be broadcasting on the 27th June and catch us on-air to win exclusive prizes! The hottest albums and GV movie passes are just a call away!


mona said...

soh... i know where 'rhapsodies' comes from... lol... and OF COURSE i still remember the LKY letter thing... hahas...

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m.n said...

hey! press on!
moral support! come back soon! have fun in school!

m.n said...

hey! press on!
moral support! come back soon! have fun in school!