Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ehh...Hairy Potter?!

Here, something non-anime for a change:

Add in a chivalrous white horse, a well-toned body and a sexy pose and you have Daniel Radcliffe in a way you would never imagine. Some speculation, however, have been raised on this topic, this picture has obviously been photoshopped.

Harry Potter couldn't possibly have this much muscles hair underneath him! How do I know, you ask? Because he's our fantasy prince, that's why. And Fantasy Princes barely have any hair underneath them (what the hell).

Regardless of those hairs, you'll probably have a nosebleed if you know what kind of thoughts are running through my head now. They're all indecent, dirty and *smirk* very very naughty...

Lol. Somebody stop me.


This rumour has been finally confirmed. That poster in no product of Photoshop! It's Daniel Radcliffe! In the flesh! Ahh... Looks like little Daniel's all grown up. Well, not that I care.

Anyway, here's another news flash for you. Rumours has it that Daniel will be showing some skin flashing during the latest Harry Potter movie that's due to come out in May. However true this is, I feel that this should still be taken with a pinch of salt.

Speaking of movies, I can't wait to watch Mr Bean's Holidays. I have a feeling I'll enjoy it. Tremendously.


DemonasGodz said...

someone seems to b so notty.. dint know there was a prawn behind da rock :P

Kevin said...

Soooo gheeey! Yaoi ! eyesores!... ><

je said...

written in classic loothi style. great website if you are a sharmutha. keep up the goood work.

m.n said...

omg! i can't stand his potter. i'm fainting... he looked horrible i can say haha

Allan Siew said...

Go see this image, it's way better...